Office Interiors

Quadra office interiors are designed to work. Our line of flexible office furniture allows work environments to be stylish and easily adaptable. The mission: create office environments that bridge the gap between how you work and where you work. Quadra’s design process begins by building an understanding of your work/life flow. We believe an office is more than just a place of work, it’s a place where functionality, flow, aesthetic, color and layout all matter.

Our in-house team of designers is ready to help set the tone of your office experience. Purchase options available.

Strategy & Design

A comprehensive provider of well-designed corporate, institutional and residential furniture, Quadra focuses on design, space, and the expectations of your team. Your space has possibilities and we deliver a complete design with appeal, simplicity, and logical presence.

Quadra Office Interiors delivers regardless of the constraints of the area. Your space will inspire innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

Space is a constant . . . your workplace strategy defines its purpose.

Office Furniture

Furniture Integration

Success in business requires the ability to adapt. Quadra makes you nimble by supplying furniture matching your strategy that adapts with changing dynamics, keeping your company “future-proof”

Quadra delivers simple yet sophisticated solutions that address:

  • Attraction/Retention of Talent
  • Technology Integration
  • Employee Engagement & Productivity
  • Collaborative Workforce
  • Differentiate Amongst Competition
  • Real Estate Use/Saturation
  • Disruption & Risk

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